The Wood Through The Trees

My passion lies in the wood it’s self.

I find it fascinating; something that was once mearly a tiny seed with a minimal chance of survival, with many factors to limit its probability of development - still grew.

Then, for often centuries, that seed has gone on to grow into a spectacular life form that we all admire in peaceful moments. The tree that has endured seasons of continues change and weather that could easily have ended its life as a sapling or even when fully established .

Inevitably that tree as a standing structure comes to an end at some point. But what it reveals within its heart is literally breath-taking.

The patterning variations are its hidden secret for so many years during maturity, with each season leaving its mark and each passing year being beautifully documented.

As I begin to turn each blank, the excitement and anticipation of what is about to be revealed within the wood, is always the same for me. Those blanks to me are wrapped up presents that nobody on this plant knows what beauties lie within and there will NEVER be any one the same.

A life after growth into a true to the sense of the word bespoke item, that again will survive centuries more; to me is AMAZING!

What else in your household has survived so much against the odds, there is only one of & will last the end of time?

A part from yourself that is.

Here are a look at some of the woods that are avaliable:

(And please feel free to suggest any particular wood you wood prefer even if not listed below)

African Blackwood - Dalbergia Melanoxynon -as the name suggests, the timber of this tree has a tendency to be jet black. Blackwood often displays golden grain in dense figure, almost as if under a layer of glass or water when highly polished.

Padauk - Pterocarpus Souxoxie - a lustrous red hardwood that is an absolute pleasure to work, it has a bold appearance when finish is applied and a moreish aroma whilst working.

Oak - Quercus - staple of country homes across the length and breadth of the U.K. for hundreds of years, both as building material and the furnishing's inside. An excellent choice for heavy construction, oak has a massive load bearing capability.

Purple Heart - Peltogyne Paniculata - as you can imagine it is very purple, depending upon how it is treated upon finishing. If no finish is applied after final sanding and the workpiece is given two to three weeks to rest with some exposure to sunlight it will become more purple as time goes on, then apply finish. Alternatively the wood can be burnish at high speed with a polished steel surface

Maple - Acer pseudoplatanus - most maple is a bit on the uniform and plain side but it has good consistency. Figured pieces including flamed, quilted and Birdseye are highly desirable acquisitions and are treasured

Wenge -Millettia laurentii - makes me think of liquorice streaked through chocolate and the aroma whilst working also happens to smell rather like chocolate. Can be a challenging wood to work but can also work like a dream. Don't get a splinter from this wood as it is very painful stuff

Laburnum - gold to dark brown to black, darkening with age and exposure to the sun's ray's. One of the denser hardwood's with very intriguing grain patterns

Zebrano - Microberlinia - a stunning timber that is golden in colour with black streaks running throughout resembling the pattern of a zebra

Walnut - very brown with fairly straight grain, but burled section's can look amazing when cut properly and fine finish's applied. It is a very tactile wood too, thus widespread use for handles, gun stocks and furnishing's